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A two component rapid drying cement based adhesive for stone and stone composites that are affected by
moisture and require a rapid drying adhesive.
For bonding ceramic tiles, terrazzo tiles, reconstituted stone, natural stone, granite and marble to floors and walls,
externally and internally where fast drying and set times are required combined with high strength and flexibility.
• High early strength.
• Tiled surfaces can be grouted after 3 hours and are completely cured after 24 hours for normal use –
(3 days cure time for immersed application).
• Low shrinkage.
• High bond strength.
• Resistant to impact, vibration, temperature, ageing and dilute chemicals.
COVERAGE (approximate)
4m2 per 20kg/5lt pack using 10 x 10mm notched trowel.
28 day tensile strength 2.8Mpa
28 day flexural strength 5Mpa
28 day compression strength 20Mpa
Temperature Resistance -20°C to +81°C
The two part rapid setting and drying adhesive must have a 28 day tensile strength of 2.8Mpa and compression
strength of 20Mpa and be capable of being grouted in three hours and put into normal use in 24 hours such as
RAPIDFIX manufactured by Construction Chemicals and shall be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s
Surfaces to be tiled must be structurally sound, clean and free from waxes, coatings, oil, grease, laitance and all
contaminants. Concrete must be cured 28 days and render 7 days prior to being tiled.
Prime the substrate with PRIMAX. Dampen down surfaces that have been heated by the sun to cool them
down. If this is not possible, apply the adhesive in the shade.
Mix using a slow speed power mixer. Pour 5lt of liquid into the mixing container and slowly add powder until a
lump free paste mixture is obtained (always add powder to liquid). Clean mixing container out between mixes
to avoid shortening pot life.
Mix Ratio
Grey 20kg powder to 5lt liquid
White 20kg powder to 5lt liquid
Pot life is 45 minutes at 23°C @ 50% relative humidity. Higher temperatures will reduce this time.

Apply the adhesive to the primed surface with a notched trowel, 6 x 6mm for walls and 10mm x 10mm for floors.
Butter large or irregular backed tiles with 3-5mm thick even bed.The final adhesive bed must be not less than 2mm for
walls and 3mm for floors. Spread a metre at a time and check it does not skin on the surface.The open time is 15-20
minutes In normal conditions (shaded areas at 23°C at 50% relative humidity).Application in sun, strong dry winds and
or high temperature can reduce this to a few minutes.The substrate can be dampened prior to applying the adhesive
but do not wet down the surface of the adhesive. Respread the adhesive, with notched trowel, if skinning occurs.
Tiles must be set in place while the adhesive is still wet on the surface. Press tiles firmly into the adhesive using a slight
twisting motion.Tiles must be bedded into the adhesive so no voids occur beneath the tiles.Adjustment can be made
up to 10-15 minutes after fixing.
Protect the tiles surface from rain and water for 3-4 hours and from strong sun for 12 hours.
Grouting can be commenced after 3 hours. Grout with KEMGROUT mixed with PRIMER & GROUT ADDITIVE or
Light traffic after 3-4 hours
Polishing after 24 hours
Heavy traffic after 24 hours
Immersed application – 72 hours
Before the adhesive has set, with water.
• Do not use on surfaces subject to rising damp.
• Do not use on metal or flexing building boards eg. Cement sheet, wood panels.
• Do not use on green marble or stone containing metal pigments which are subject to moisture expansion.

Full  Technical Data Sheet at:

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