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Technokolla -TECHNIKO+ – High-efficiency powder adhesive – Technical Data Sheet

Technokolla -TECHNIKO+ – High-efficiency powder adhesive – Technical Data Sheet.

High-efficiency powder adhesive with a high polymeric content for fixing ceramic tiles. Suitable for refined porcelain stoneware and over-fixing. Highly workable.

High efficiency
One-pack adhesive
Optimum workability
Frost proof no creep
Longer open time

ASPECT: grey powder
STORAGE: 12 months in a dry place

– Fixing absorbent floor and wall tiles outdoors and indoors. The tiles can be made of: cotto, twice-fired, single-fired ceramic
– Fixing poorly absorbent or non-absorbent materials such as: single-fired tiles, split tiles and refined porcelain stoneware
– Suitable for fixing tiles: on top of old ceramic tiles or on façades
– Fixing natural stone and marble, so long as they are not affected by water
– Spot-gluing insulating panels made of polystyrene, polyurethane foam, rock or glass wool
Surfaces: cement plaster, cement-lime mortar, cementitious screeds, concrete, old ceramic floors, plasterboard

Technical Data Sheet

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